Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pilonidal Cyst And Herpes Blister In Butt/ Pilonidal Cyst? / & No Its Not A Hemorrhoid Or Herpes!?

Blister in Butt/ Pilonidal cyst? / & no its not a hemorrhoid or herpes!? - pilonidal cyst and herpes

None of her pre-medical?
In attempt to help my stepfather .. And havent seen my mother told me ....
quite well with his butt crack and still have that .. what my mother, she is not displayed .. and what really hurts is obviusly alcohol .. [[This is because it can not hurt to sit CUX]] The strange thing is that it sometimes does not get one years after ... or months ..

1) What should we do?
2) Is it a Pilonidal cyst?
3) Why go?


J B said...

You can to WebMD and read about this disease (pilonidal cyst), and the care and treatment. Immersion in a hot bath will be a day-infection to the surface and put slight pressure on the edges from infection. Squeeze-units of the infection in the deeper tissues and more problems than solutions. Drives more than ever that the infection clears up and often requires surgical puncture to open deep and should be performed by a doctor and also the use of antibiotics are needed to remedy this shortcoming.

miltonx said...

A pilonidal cyst is a congenital rest of the hair has not yet fallen and is behaving like a foreign body is inflamed, and persistent organic pollutants in wastewater. The treatment includes the removal of the tissue. He needs to see a surgeon.

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